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Arrgh! Die Jaywalker Socks Die

jaywalker hand socks knitting knit arrgh die awful tight hate suck

I’ve tried. Really, I have.

I’ve measured, checked my gauge, and knit samples with different size needles. All I have to show for my efforts is one sock lacking enough yarn to finish the toe and the second sock on its second redo.

How do you all knit Jaywalker socks so many times with such ease? The pattern is simple to memorize, but with me and Koigu, I’ve had to either settle for socks a wee bit too tight or socks a wee bit too loose. And don’t get me started on how many times I’ve knit mindlessly round after round only to discover several inches later that I forgot an increase.

Saturday night was the most depressing.

Having finally found the successful needle/yarn combination, I ripped back the second sock and gently washed the kinked yarn. After drying overnight, I went to my embarrassingly large needle stash, picked out some lavender double points, and started over for the last time. Two inches of leg later, I couldn’t understand why it was looking exactly like it had before I ripped back.

I double checked the double points and my heart sank when with a little force, they went through the 2.75 mm hole instead of the 3.00 mm. When I picked them out, I did quickly check, but I paid more attention to how their lavender color complemented the yarn than if a little more oomph would have pushed them through the smaller sizing hole.

So, while I watch murder and mayhem unfold on the season premier of 24, I’ll vent my yarn frustrations by ripping back and starting again. This time I’ll use the exact same needles from the first sock.

It’s got to work this time. It’s got to work this time. It’s got to work this time…..

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January 15, 2007


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