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DROPS 86-10 Headband With Spider Flower


Here in the Pacific Northwest we rarely get cold enough for full on winter gear. DROPS free headband pattern is perfect for protecting the ears from bitter winds without messing up your hair too much.

It is a hand knitting pattern, but translates easily to bulky machines with ribbers. For other gauges, you will need to recalculate how many columns of rib you need as well as when to widen the hat for each section.

I used a thick/thin unidentifiable skein that has languished in my stash for years. It is worsted to worsted+ in weight.

I cast on 19 sts in waste yarn to allow for grafting later, knit a few rows, rearranged into rib pattern, put in main yarn at T6.1 and went for it. My sample showed I was getting about 2 rows per cm. So, for the first part of the pattern, I knit 16 rows to get to 8 cm for my first purl increases.

Lots of others have knit this hat with some pretty interesting modifications and posted their finished item on Ravelry. My favorites included either the addition of flowers or buttons.

My blue flower was something I whipped up on the machine to have long lines to balance the lines of the ribs. To either machine or hand knit the blue flower, cast on 12 stitches via a cable or crochet cast on. Immediately bind off loosely until only one stitch remains. Repeat, casting on 12 stitches and binding off until only one stitch remains.

Continue as many times as necessary for the number of petals you want. When done, join into a circle. This flower has an open center. You can fill the void with another flower, a button, or leave as is. You can also alter the number of stitches cast on in between if you want the petals to vary in length.

The center green flower is my machine interpretation of this pattern.

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August 17, 2011


1 lorrwill { 08.17.11 at 5:21 pm }

YAY! A new post! You’re still alive!

If I wasn’t at the age where I get over-heated, I would attempt this. A full on black widow for October…But alas, even in the dead of winter, I have periodic personal summers.

2 Jackie { 08.18.11 at 4:01 am }

I just discovered this website. Thank you to all who submit these wonderful videos. I am happy to see that the art of machine knitting is still alive. I was wondering if anyone was planning or has a video on the KH965/KH970. Thanks again.

3 francis { 09.05.12 at 12:49 pm }

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