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Knitters Of The Week

Rather than scattering link posts throughout my site, I’m going to consolidate them into a couple of monthly postings called Knitters of the Week.

Here you might discover new-to-you machine knitters, hand knitters, or knitting related stuff I stumbled upon while doing research for future posts.

I’ll also use this space to thank other bloggers for highlighting me on their blog.

Machine Knitters

Check out the cool latch hook tools Carolyn made out of polymer clay over at Woolworks.

Follow along with Aaron at Living Singly in his three part video series on how he made a sweater for his sister. Includes how he did the broken toe cast on.

Check out the Shibori scarf photos posted at the Creative Machine Knitters Club in Sydney Australia. Just Jussi from New Zealand also has a step by step tutorial.

With sadness, I read this week that Danis McWest, of Just For Laughs, passed away unexpectedly. His sister has shut down his web site and left an obituary page with contact info. I know many machine knitters have his books in their knitting libraries.

Hand Knitters

Knitty has some new competition. Two free online knitting magazines and one pattern aggregator debuted recently.

August 10, 2008

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Oooohhhh.. I like this topic! More more! (on a weekly basis of course)















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