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The Royal We

Before reading any further, go visit Scarlett and enjoy her entry on the 9 Words Women Use – Fine, Five Minutes, Nothing, Go Ahead, Loud Sigh, That’s Ok, Thanks, Whatever, and Don’t Worry About It, I’ll Get It.

I loved the definitions so much I emailed them to my significant other as he telecommuted in the basement because as usual, it was faster than actually getting out of my chair and walking downstairs. When he came back up, he wanted to know what happened to The Royal We.

So I offer up number 10 for the list: The Royal We

If something positive happens, “we” means me too, even if I had absolutely nothing to do with the result, as in…

  • We filled the car with gas.
  • We corrected the kid’s homework
  • We pruned the fruit trees

If the context is negative, or implies a job needs doing, “we” means you, even if I was responsible for the error, as in…

  • We forgot to mail the check on time
  • We need to start working on the taxes
  • We checked the tires to make sure they had enough air


vintage antique boye crochet hook number size 5

My favorite crochet hook had been lost for months. Yes, I searched the sofa. Several times. It chose to stay hidden when I looked.

Tuesday evening we found it deep in the bowels of the velvet beast when we were looking for the remote we lost earlier in the day.

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