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Animal Husbandry

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While waiting for the doctor to come into the room, Bill took out the Wednesday crossword puzzle. After a bit, he asked me for a seven letter word for soft wools.

Easy. "Merinos" I replied confidently.

"It doesn’t fit"

Huh? I looked at the puzzle figuring his usual deftness was out of kilter that morning. I mean come on, this is a man who always does the puzzle in ink. Eventually a mistake is bound to happen.

merino wool angora crossword puzzle question answer


"58 down is ROOT. Merinos doesn’t work."

I looked at the puzzle again and it became obvious the answer was angora.

This irritated me no end. Apparently the puzzle designer thinks small fluffy mammals that hop are the same as large fluffy mammals that baah. It didn’t help that Bill found my annoyance most enjoyable.

"There, I fixed it," he said, smiling way too much.

If you look close at 57 across, you’ll see that he altered the clue.


Repeat after me:

"Angora is not wool. Angora is not wool."



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