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Bad Bugs and Lady Bug Fiber Trend Clogs

felted ladybug fiber trend clogs in red black wool yarn with knitting crochet ornaments decorations antennae dots Hear that?


It’s the glorious sound of Monday, my favorite day of the week, September through mid June.

It’s usually the only day my telecommuting spouse returns to his mothership and the kids head back to school. Given that my youngest has been coughing up a lung non-stop all February, I need the silence.

Juggling my own computer work with the needs of a sick kid, while Bill’s conference calls float up through the basement ceiling, is not my idea of a fun day. And I had several of these last week.

So when my persistent young man hacked, groaned, and loudly took his temperature this morning in a last ditch effort to keep himself out of class, he wasn’t met with much motherly love.

I think my exact words were, “Even if your temperature is 504 degrees, you are still going to school”.

I need my Monday.

He’s been to the doctor and had a full course of antibiotics. He is not contagious.

My inner radar also knows the minute he gets out of our dry house air and to the bus stop with his friends, his cough will miraculously subside.

But I’ll keep that info to myself.

Embellishment Details

I’ve made both the adult and children sizes of Fiber Trend’s clogs. It is the only pattern I knit verbatim because it works every time.

To add some zip to my last pair, I decided to go a bit buggy. After knitting and felting, I made some embellishments.

felted ladybug fiber trend clogs close up of knitting crochet ornaments decorations antennae dots The antennae is a 4-stitch I-chord. When they were almost long enough, I increased evenly to 8 stitches, knit a row, then decreased back to 4 stitches. I pulled the wool through and cinched it tight.

The spots were crocheted circles and felted to hide my mistakes. If I were to do this again, I would either learn how to crochet better or duplicate stitch spots on the clogs themselves before they were washed.

The center black line is a simple 2 stitch cast-on and then knitted the length of cuff to toe. I didn’t felt it, letting the fabric naturally curl and attached with thread.

I made mini washing machines out of two food storage containers. I filled one with hot water and the other cold. I shook them like crazy, alternating between hot and cold, until everything was shrunk.

Once dry, I used regular needle and thread to attach the parts to the clogs. I tied thread around the antennae end to help it pop.

glad plastic container free cheap hand felting washing machine felted knitting ladybug antennae closeup in black wool yarn

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February 12, 2007

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