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Be Careful What You Promise With Regards To Spinning Wheels

ashford traveller spinning wheel closeup unfinished wood I swore I’d never buy one. Never. Ever.

I have yarn. A whole basement corner stuffed with cones and skeins and balls and bits. Why would I want to make more?

I’ve been very strong. When friends went on and on about how great spinning was, I smiled politely and reminded myself that as long as no raw wool entered my house, I was safe.

But this little one was sitting all by itself in the back corner of a church rummage sale. It was lonely and unloved – even the eBay pickers had shunned it.

I couldn’t leave it there. It was already mid morning. If I didn’t bring it home there is no telling what would happen to it. Besides, I still have no spinning fiber anywhere on my property. I was rescuing this little gal for purely aesthetic reasons. She’s beautiful.

Dear, I swear we won’t get sheep. Never. Ever.


It’s an Ashford Traveller Single Drive in wonderful condition. Since I’m spinning ignorant, all I could do at the rummage sale was pump the foot pedal up and down. It moved the wheel. I can see how one would need to practice to get a good rhythm going. If I didn’t push the pedal just so, it would reverse direction.

ashford traveller spinning wheel with sunset shadow

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April 2, 2007


1 Janice Ellis { 12.19.09 at 2:26 pm }

I would love, cherish, and spin virtually every day if you’d like to offer me your traveller! I had taken classes 3 years ago and learned on a traveller. They all said that I had the knack right off the bat! Since then, I’ve been renting that same traveller, and also looking for one that I could afford. If I were to find one at a church rummage sale, I swear I would be blessed for life!

I belong to the Weavers and Spinners Guild here in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It’s a fabulous bunch of gals (and one guy) whom I adore. We do great things together!

Anyway, if there is any way you’d want to give up your wheel, and sell it to me, please send me a line …..

You sound very sentimental, and I can relate to that! I know that if I had a wheel that came from a church, it would be very spiritual indeed!

Wishing you a Beautiful Christmas Season.
Janice Ellis

2 Darlene Formanek { 03.26.13 at 6:36 am }

Well sheep my hubby is getting me and I have alpacas now too. I would be interested.















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