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How To Adjust A Passap 4 Color Changer

With so much information presented at the seminar, deciding where to begin once I got home was a challenge. I settled on adjusting my Duo 80 color changer since it’s always been cranky. Turns out the face cam on my back lock has been hitting the control lever white nubs way too hard. It’s a miracle I never sheared one off.


how to adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 1 control lever nubs

The control lever nubs are the four white pieces of plastic on top of the color changer. The red arrow is pointing to one.


how to adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 2 face cam

The face cam is located at the top of the back lock on the underside. The red arrow is pointing to it.


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 3 face cam hit bump control lever plastic nub

The goal, as presented by Pat Groves in her maintenance class, is for the face cam in the back lock to slightly bump the unselected control levers while hitting the selected control lever with enough force to move the yarn eyelet into the correct position.


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 4 face cam control lever nub hit too hard shear off

If the face cam is hitting the unselected control lever nubs harder than necessary, it is possible to shear the nubs off.


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 5 face cam gently bump control lever nub

You want the front of the face cam to just bump the nubs when they are unselected


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 6 two eyelets pop up

Hit it too soft and the holder won’t be taken out of work, causing two eyelets to pop up.


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 7 hit too hard eyelet pops up

Hit it too hard and an eyelet can pop back up slightly…


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 8 lock hit yarn eyelet holder

…causing the lock to ram into the yarn eyelet on its return trip to the left. Not a pretty sight.


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 9 push yarn eyelet down

If either of the above two problems occur while you are adjusting the color changer, gently push the offending eyelet down with your finger until you feel it set into place.

Let’s start adjusting.


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 10

The face cam on the back lock is held in place by two screws. One acts as a pivot, the other as the adjuster. Loosen, but do not remove, both screws to move the cam as needed.

Shifting the left side of the cam (as you look at the underside of the lock) down lessens the force hitting the control lever nubs. Shifting the left side of the cam up increases the force.

Remember, you want the cam to just bump the nubs when no color lever is selected. You should see the eyelet holders move slightly from the bumping. Striking the nubs with too much force can break them and a broken nub is a royal pain to replace.

Once you are happy with how the face cam is just touching the control lever nubs, it is time to methodically check each color eyelet to make sure it selects properly.


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 11 selector 1 black

Start with color 1. With lock to the left, push down the black selector key under the eyelet.


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 12 move lock right

Move the lock all the way to the right so it moves the color changer lever.


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 13 yarn eyelet pop up

Color 1 eyelet will pop up and be ready for selection.

Move the lock to the left and pick up the eyelet.


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 14 selection key 2 yarn eyelet

Now press down the selection key for Color 2. Notice how the Color 1 holder remains in the up position to receive the Color 1 eyelet on its return trip.

Move the lock to the right, returning Color 1 to its holder.


how adjust passap duomatic duo 80 four color changer step 15

Continue pushing the lock all the way to the right to trip the color changer lever. Color 2 eyelet will pop up, ready to be picked up by the lock. Color 1 eyelet should have returned to the bottom rest position.

Repeat this process, stepping through all 4 eyelets to make sure they work properly.

If you have two colors popping up at the same time or one color not going fully back down, readjust the face cam on the back lock so it applies the proper pressure.

Pat’s instructions greatly improved my color changer’s performance. I don’t think there will be any sheared nubs in my near-term future.

However, my Color 1 eyelet still insists on occasionally sticking half way back down. If I adjust the face cam further, the other eyelets start acting up. For now I’m choosing to leave it alone and work around the temperamental beast. It is still operating much better than before the seminar.

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June 7, 2007


1 Sally Doyle { 04.21.08 at 12:05 am }

Hi there, What a surprise!! I have found your site once again, I had previously copied your deep cleaning for the Duomatic, have it saved in a safe place (what a great help it was too) , was interested in the 4 colour changer adjustment, but was not suitable for me. I have just obtained a back lock with the mechanism for the bullet changer, (I have only the two bullet holder) do you have anything on the two colour changer, I am not sure if I have all the parts, I am having trouble with it, its not picking up all the time and does not appear to be automatic, I have to help it along manaually. I knit on a Pinky, Also I have been given a Deco – so I am in the process of trying to work it out. Can you help !!!!
Sally in Australia

2 Kathryn { 04.21.08 at 10:54 am }

I have a Deco unit but never installed it. My pinkie came with the old fashioned single rod tension unit where you replace the yarn eyelet each time you want to change colors. My Duo 80 came with the 4 color changer installed, and the 2 color changer in a separate box no longer needed. Looks like I strike out on both your questions.

However, I highly recommend you join the free PassapKnits Yahoo Group. A link for it is on my links page. They were extremely helpful in diagnosing my pinkie problems over a year ago. One of the ladies who frequently answers questions is the same person who runs the Pacifically Passap seminar here in the states.

I know if I had a Passap maintenance question I couldn’t answer, it is the first place I would go.

3 Enka { 06.11.08 at 6:29 pm }

This is the post I left at dancingbarefoot. I’m always finding things after I had to observe by “practicing” – the last eyelet holder to the extreme right has broken clasps(hinge) – they do not hold tight- will have to locate who has those – maybe Mr. Smith in Canada.

Knittsings helped me start cleaning my new old Miss Pinky. Went to Dknits; got the manual just to confirm I did it right. (I have now the hands of a “machinist”). So far so good. Now the machine is in a “room of my own” and I look at it totally befuddled, perplexed and I think I’ll cry — no manual yet but then I read here that manual don’t tell you much – how to thread, how to cast on, etc to get you to sing and dance with your machine. Moved the locks got to the extreme right to the 4 color changer which does not always work ??? when the ** yarn eyelet holder finally pops up and is carried by the lock it makes a funny ratteling noise on the stricking combs and on the return just falls off – or does not get put back on the ** color changer. (before knowing how to work with Miss Pinkie, I have to learn a new language now) — Anyone tried the download version?? are they good?? – any good dvd, vhs (still have one to play them) Where do I look on the net — Now do I need the color manual too or just the manual for the 80 – I did get the volume 2 of the passap handbook DECO but I ‘ll need the deco – the machine must have had one a long long time ago. I got some patterns too but all of them use the DECO –
Maybe my singer is just jealous now and does not want to share space with Miss Pinkie – true she’s not as beautiful, but very easy —
Thanks for this site and all other sites to sooth my anxieties and frustrations.
P>S> Maybe I’ll find a classs in my area?? – Peninsula so. of San Franciso.

4 Elaine Schumann { 10.15.08 at 3:31 pm }

When making your “simple baby sweater with hood”–when it’s time to start on the hood you have to pull out 10 needles on the right and knit across, then 10 needles on the left. When I do this my yarn will not stay on the needles–I used an e wrap for the 10 needles and using the back bed. What do I need to do? I tried using different tensions but the same thing.Thanks for your reply Elaine Schumann

5 Kathryn { 10.21.08 at 10:39 am }

I’m sorry, the simple baby sweater with hood pattern you refer to is not mine. I only have blanket, sock, and one hat pattern posted.

6 Kathleen { 11.19.08 at 10:02 am }

I am so excited to have found this group. I love Kathryn’s articles, instructions, etc. and now I have a question.

I’ve just set up my late mother’s “Pinkie” and have a little problem. I’ll attach a photo if I can, but here’s the problem:

I’ve threaded up the 4 Colour changer, hoped to get the “jaws” to grasp the eyelets loaded with yarn, but the rear bed lock can’t get past the mast for the yarn tensioner contraption. What have I done wrong?



7 Bob Henderson { 03.13.12 at 3:13 am }

Have just assembled my wife’s Duo 80 which she has not used for couple of years. It has 4-colour changer. All the eyelets pop-up OK when tripped manually. Equally, the colour changer lever works relatively OK manually, but you have to give it a real hard push – sometimes it does not act until you push it a second time. Trouble is when the lock (carriage?) hits it at the end of its travel to the right, nothing happens. I can only assume that some adjustment (but what?) has to be made to activate the colour changer. Any suggestions? Everything worked OK last time the machine was assembled and used.

8 raul galvan { 06.16.12 at 8:16 pm }

quisiera saver si el autocambiador de 4 colores funciona automaticamente o tenemos que activarlo manualmente cuando se teje con 4 colores


9 Mary Jo { 11.26.12 at 9:13 pm }

Hi, Can anyone tell me if the if the Automatic colour changer C600 will work with my Duomatic 80? My machine came with the 2 color changer and I’d like to upgrade to the 4 but not sure which one it is. I saw a c600 on eBay and wondered if it would work. Right not my machine is manual and no extras on it but I’m planning on adding everything that I can… including a motor. I’ve already bought the Tricot, the Form Computer and the Deco is next. If the C600 works with my Duomatic then it will be on the list as well. By the way, this is my first knitting machine so I can use all the help I can get. Thanks!!

10 Debbie Bates { 07.24.13 at 8:35 pm }

I was wondering if this site is still answering questions. I am have trouble with the 4 color changer on my E6000. The back lock does not go pass the second eyelet and does not trigger the silver hook to release the eyelets at all.

Please help.

11 Elaine Schumann { 12.06.14 at 2:24 pm }

I have an Electra 3000a motor for the E6000 . I am using the foot peddle to run the motor. It will run to the left and come back to the right but then will not go back to the left, I’m only using one eyelet and not wanting to change colors . In coming back it knocks the eyelet out. It also ignores the width I set but runs the whole length of the machine. Help me please. What am I doing wrong or not doing at all? Elaine















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