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How To Thread A Pink Passap Duomatic 4 Color Changer

Daniel at Daily Blog Tips challenged his readers to define, “What is a blog?”

For me the answer is straight forward. A blog allows me to share photos and information with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. This is especially important for those of us addicted to knitting machines yet isolated from others who share our passion.

The easiest way to demonstrate is by answering Enka’s question on how to thread a Pinkie 4 color changer.

Hello Kathryn, I am not yet ready to try out miss Pinkie, but looking at it I am puzzled by the one-pole- 4-color yarn tension unit. I have tried to thread it different ways – but none make sense and some totally illogical.

I have not been able to locate any infos on these nor have seen any picture in all Passap related site. Passapknit or Passapclub neither.

So it has a one-metal pole and 4-units at the top with metal hoops and each of the unit has one long antenna – a hole at the tip but no short antennas like a Singer or a Brother nothing on the metal support pole.

Do you know how to thread this weirdo.

The original pinkie, or Passap Duomatic DM5 had several yarn masts over its lifetime. The original was a single yarn mask that used a plastic clip that attached to the lock.

As far as I’ve determined, the next generation looked almost identical to the Passap Duomatic 80 yarn mask, except it had a strange guide wire hanging out the back. I’m assuming this is what Enka has. I don’t have a unit to photograph so I bribed my daughter last month to use her drawing skills.

Enka, if your yarn mask doesn’t match these drawings, then you have the more current color changer. I’ve included a scan from the Passap Duomatic 80 manual at the bottom.

passap 4 color changer threading step 1Set the yarn behind the machine, either on the floor or in the yarn cup.

Bring the yarn up and thread it through the eyelet on the back of the yarn mask.


passap 4 color changer threading step 2Pull out the yarn tension dial far enough that the yarn falls behind the metal button. Let go of the tension dial so it pops back in place.

This will keep the yarn in the tension dial when the machine is knitting.


passap 4 color changer threading step 3Continue threading through the metal eyelet in front of the tension dial.


passap 4 color changer threading step 4Continue forward to the second metal eyelet. Once though, pull down the tension wire and thread the yarn through.

Last step is to guide the yarn down through the front most hole.

You are threaded.


passap 4 color changer threading step 5Here is a scan of how to thread the Passap Duomatic 80. As you can see, it is extremely similar to the Pink Passap 4 color changer shown above.

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August 14, 2008


1 Enka { 08.14.08 at 8:51 pm }

Kathryn, (I was typing my answer to you and was about the end when it disappeared. )
Thank you very much for remembering my question and sending me your link. That is exactly the only way I found the yarn would go to knit. And of course it does. What was really puting me off was that metal piece on the back of the mast with the two eyelets. Well the top one has to serve a purpose – The ingenious Swiss would not have put it there for nothing; so maybe it is to hold waxing disks??? what do you think?

Since my last not to you, I have finally begun swatching – the first ones went like a breeze ….. and then… it get’s difficult. Thanks to your site and the Passap groups I find what my issues are. So the last hurdle I had to climb, I found out that you were right about using getting the manual for the Duo80 I got the manual for the pink but for certain things it is not clear, I even got the French version from a French site- slightly more explicit and complete but…
Anyhow, it is a fun machine to use – amaze at what comes out of it – (well sometimes disformed “lace” I could keep those as hanging Art) ) but seriously, I like the fabric this machine gives out. Looking forward to reading your blog(?).

2 sylvia scharft { 11.30.10 at 4:27 pm }

hi i have just
received my duomatic 80 4 colour machine.
is there a website aany where on how to use it.
thanks sylvia

3 sue cardilini { 07.18.12 at 9:31 pm }

my name is sue i just want to know how to do to colours on the pink passap thankyou

4 Joy Johnson { 08.24.14 at 8:05 pm }

I only have a single tension arm on my machine. Can I do it with two or mine can’t be changed over to use two different colors?















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