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How To Thread A Knitting Machine – Brother, Studio, Singer, Silver Reed

It’s time to thread your knitting machine.

Place the yarn behind the yarn tension unit.
how to thread a knitting machine step 1 place yarn behind tension unit

Bring the thread from the outside of the ball up to the first eyelet about half way up the tension rod. Thread it through. Continue up to the top and place the yarn between the bar and the back of the numbered tension dial.
how to thread a knitting machine step 2 bring yarn up to tension top how to thread a knitting machine step 3 place yarn through eyelets

Slide the yarn along the bar, behind the numbered tension dial, and between the stainless steel tension plates. Continue forward and thread the yarn through the front eyelet.
how to thread a knitting machine step 4 yarn through tension dial how to thread a knitting machine step 5 yarn through front eyelet

With your free hand, bring down the tension wire that is on the same side you are threading. Run the yarn through this last eyelet of the yarn tension unit.
how to thread a knitting machine step 6 yarn through front eyelet then top wire

Still holding the yarn, pull it down to the sinker plate assembly (arm on a Studio/Singer machine). You will need to make sure the sinker plate gate is open. This picture shows it closed.
how to thread a knitting machine step 7 sinker plate assembly closed

This picture shows it open.
how to thread a knitting machine step 8 sinker plate assembly open

Still holding the yarn so it won’t fly to the ceiling, place it into the assembly, pulling it all the way to the back position. A sinker plate will have two positions, usually A and B or 1 and 2. This is because you can knit with two colors at the same time. When knitting with one color, you need to place the yarn all the way to the back, in the 1 position.
how to thread a knitting machine step 9 yarn in a position

Place a clip on the yarn so it cannot fly out of the machine. Congratulations! You have successfully completed threading your knitting machine. Next time, we’ll do a simple cast-on and knit a stockinette square.
how to thread a knitting machine step 10 place clip on yarn below how to thread a knitting machine step 11 you are finished

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December 11, 2006


1 Diana { 06.04.08 at 12:49 pm }

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I bought a machine over 3 years ago and have never been able to figure out how to cast on or how to thread until I finally decided to research — and found your site.

This weekend I’m going to get it out and see if I can finally get it to work.

Great Job!!

2 Kathryn { 06.04.08 at 3:43 pm }

You are very welcome. It took Google over a month before this post made it to the first few pages of its index. I’m so glad you found me.

3 B { 08.25.08 at 10:59 pm }

I have a Swiftomatic Knitting machine made in switzerland. No accessories. Missing the yarn attachment that thing I think is for knit in single bed. but I can knit with double bed. But I don’t know how to hang the cast on comb and knit the second row. My comb is a comb and a wire. How to knit the second row? thanks.

4 Kathryn { 08.26.08 at 7:34 am }


Most double bed knitting machines I’ve seen require the knitter to knit a zig zag row first. That is, as the carriage moves across the bed, the yarn is caught by alternating needles on the front and back beds.

When done with this row, you grab your cast on comb, pull out the thin wire to expose the teeth, then coming from underneath the machine, insert the comb such that the teeth stick up through the zig zag row.

As one hand holds the comb in position, your other hand reinserts the thin wire so that the comb will rest on the zig zag row. You then must add weights to the comb to add tension to the first row and help pull down each additional knit row. The metal bar of the comb has holes to hang the large weights with hooks.

5 danielle { 09.05.08 at 2:37 am }

thank you for such an informative site! hubby just bought me a singer and i had no idea how to use it (and wasnt really keen on working it out). you have just made it seem a whole lot easier!

6 doreen mischel { 11.25.08 at 12:15 pm }

i have recently inherited my mother’s knitting machine and i am trying any way i can to find out how to opperate it. the instructions were lost a long time ago. a couple places i have tried say the machine is way old and they dont have records that go back that far. i can email you some pictures if you need them. i will also gladly give you my number to contact me. i am so glad my hubby found this website of yours.

7 Immeriseelild { 01.21.09 at 7:01 pm }

Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
God will appreciate it.

8 Joyce Cawley { 01.28.09 at 1:51 pm }

I can’t get a tension gauge on my silver reed knitting machine The manual doesn’t give enough instructions. It is totally new to me.I also have the studio 400 and there isn’t any instructions with it.what can I do?

9 Kathryn { 01.30.09 at 2:08 pm }


You could try downloading a free manual for a machine close to your make and model.

Something else to check. When a machine won’t knit smoothly, I always check the sponge bar.

10 Latvia { 02.02.09 at 6:32 am }

I need CB-1 computer manual guid for brother knitting machine.

Sory about my english I am form Latvia 🙂

11 toki leach { 02.06.09 at 2:02 pm }

help wi

12 PAT { 02.09.09 at 9:22 am }


13 Beth { 06.04.09 at 8:45 pm }

Help! I have a studio 328 knitting machine that will knit two colors separately but not simultaneously- It won’t feed yarn 2- any suggestions? i have the manual and I’m following it to the letter- I’ve even had others try and they can’t get it either!

14 Chris { 07.02.09 at 8:33 pm }

You have the exact same machine as I do and I know nothing about using it. Please, please make a youtube video for people like me who are very beginners?


15 Deb { 07.30.09 at 7:49 am }

I have a Singer LK100 knitting machine that I just dragged down from the attic. Now I remember why I put it up there. The instructions are so vague and when I attempt to do the initial set up by arranging the needles to B position and sliding the carriage over and back, I get to the first few needles and then the carriage gets stuck. The instructions don’t say whether the needles should be latched or open, no reference at all. I went on another blog and there was someone else with the same problem but noone ever answered her. Can you help me fix this or is it a lost cause & I was ripped off 10 years ago?????

16 jane { 10.29.09 at 3:32 pm }

Please I have a brother KH 801, thouugh I use it but I feel am under utilizing the functions for I sincerely need a manual. Also a Silver-reed SK 560 which I have tried to use but to no avail for six years now I seriously need a manual too since I do not know where to begin. Thanks for having such a wonderful site, I will try out the threading system and see the outcome. I do not have the comb in the silver machine and anytime I knit it will all fall off.

17 Mrs Gupta { 11.15.09 at 5:24 am }

Hi Everyone,

I am feeling luck that by general browesing the website I able to reach to this place. All the above mentioned information is really great. Thanks a ton to everyone. I tried this i am really greatfull i am successful. However i am again stuck for which i need the help

I want to make the design winter clothes for my son. I dont know the function of the double wool desing. Please help
I have knitting KH840.

thanks in advance

18 Sigrid { 12.03.09 at 8:59 am }

Thanks! This is so easy to understand. I may actually get my machine up and running!

19 Justine Storey { 12.06.09 at 11:33 am }

I have figured out how to thread my Singer Knitting Machine. I am having problems with the tension. When I move my cam to the left after I knit a row and then back to the right I find that all the stitches I have knitted are gone.
But when I move the cam back to the left they are there again.Could you please help me
A frustrated newbie

20 Ronel Blignaut { 02.20.10 at 1:08 am }

I have a empisal model kr 710. The machine drops all the stitches at rows 10, 14 and 22. What should i check?


21 Esperanza { 03.05.10 at 12:49 am }

Hi I need help threathing my torero knitting machine can some one help me

22 Tracey Gjorgjievski { 03.16.10 at 8:55 am }

My mother has just brought out her old Empisal knitmaster model 360/260 from 16 years ago as she wanted to make a st patricks day cardigan for my newborn. For some reason she can thread the first colour of wool and appears to have the second one threaded right but when she goes to knit, the machine will only knit the first one but the second one doesnt catch on the machine or if it does, it combines the two colours. Has anyone any ideas what she is doing wrong ASAP?

23 June Derie { 04.17.10 at 7:00 pm }

Help. I have always wanted to try using a knitting machine. I found a Studio SK-301 at a yard sale and bought it. Do you know where I might find a manual on the web to down load.
Thank you,

24 Dori { 06.22.10 at 12:37 pm }

Just one of many (apparently), looking for a Knittin’ Kitten Manual.

Great site,


25 Jackie { 07.20.10 at 1:01 am }

Thank you so much for your kindness in sharing you knowledge with everyone.
So glad that I found your site it is excellent. I am now getting to grips with the single bed but I am not confident with the ribber. I would be very grateful if you could do a demonstration on setting it up. Like the one you have done for the single bed.

Thanks for reading.

26 Lyne { 07.22.10 at 8:00 pm }

I have recently inherited my mother’s knitting machine Name: SK560 Knit Machine & SRP60 Ribber and I am trying to get the Operating Instruction Manual so I can find out how to opperate it. the instructions were lost a long time ago. Please let me know where I can download it or get it. Thanks in advance. I am from Laval in province of Quebec (Canada)

27 Maggie { 08.10.10 at 11:40 am }

I was given a Passap M201 with no instruction manual and I have been looking on you- tube for tutorials, they all seem to have some kind of tenion wire this one does not, is that right? can anyone help.

28 darren digby-smith { 09.07.10 at 2:54 pm }

thank u my gran gave me one and couldt use it

29 Marie Pepaj { 09.15.10 at 1:53 pm }

I have a very old machine strik matador single bed but i do not know how to

thread and manual missing I have only the foto of the machine that i found

in web

Is anyone knows how to thread it

i appreciate your help Marie

30 Jean Budik { 12.16.10 at 8:31 pm }

I have a singer/studio electronic, model SK890. Haven’t used for a few years and now want to do some knitting again. I have misplaced the manual for the PE-1 which is the electeronic patterning device. Can’t remember how to program it. Do you have a copy of the manual I could download. Thank You. I appreciate your help. Jean

31 Caryle { 01.15.11 at 8:54 pm }

I have a singer 700 knitmaster machine and I know it works as I did manage one small 12 in swath one night not to long ago but I really do have a problem trying to get it to keep going once the cast on is done.
It casts on the first 2 – 3 rows beautifully but once I put the machine in knit position, the fourth row messes up really bad. I have tried everthing. Tension, thread type etc. (I am using 2 ply fine thread at the moment). It just will not knit past the 4th row, usually on the left to right.
What am I doing wrong or is there something I am missing or is something wrong with my machine.
This machine is driving me crazy.. please help.

32 Darle { 01.24.11 at 12:58 pm }

I have inherited my mothers singer lk1oo knitting machine which is in good condition–new bar,cleaned and oiled. When I thread the machine, move the carriage to knit the carriage jams. Suggestions will be most appreciated. ANXIOUS TO KNIT.

33 Darle { 01.24.11 at 1:04 pm }

Corrections made.

34 kAREN { 08.09.11 at 8:31 am }

I have an old Phildar “Big Phil” and am not sure how to use it and can’t find
any directions—any help would be appreciated was looking for manual online
Parts may also be missing I’m not sure. Thanks.

35 Peggy Trom { 01.03.12 at 6:21 pm }

Hi, I have a studio SK -303. The manual indicates that it is quite old, 1969, and I would really love to make it work but it seems I am missing the box of accessories. Any idea where I can get the extra things?

36 brenda { 02.03.12 at 9:29 am }

hi we have a brother knitting machine kh 830 we cast on okay put the comb on with weights. then the stitches come away from the comb is a tension problem or can you plea advise me on what to do to fix this.

thank you brenda

37 jeri B { 03.06.12 at 12:48 pm }

Can any one tell me what I do on the studio 303 to just knit? I may have a knob that needs to be set.I don’t know.Thank you!

38 Bev Hughes { 03.07.12 at 6:45 am }

Hi, Was was given a brother 881 flat bed and 850 ribber for my birthday 5mths ago. I have manuals for both the knitting carriage and the ribber. The knitting carriage works fine, but the connecting arm jams when I attach it to the KH and the ribber(KR) will not rack up to the top notch resulting in the bed not raised enough to connect the KR to the KH. I did manage to get it high enough once and manage one swatch of 1×1 rib but when I lowered the KR down to try 2×2 rib I was unable to rack the KR high enough again. Please help, I am getting to the point where I will throw the machine(kR) in the bin!

39 Marsha Oliver { 01.28.13 at 4:02 pm }

I havejust bought a Brother KX 350 knitting machine and am trying to do a sample and learn to cast on.

When i attachthe cast on comb it is in the way ofthe carriage and it pulls the yarn down unevenly so that the needles won’t stay at ‘b” mark and jams the return of the carriage.

I know i must be doing something wrong.
also do itake the carriage only to the end of the sample or all the way to the end? If it onlygoes to theend of sample there isno room for the cast on comb, if I take it to the end it will pull too much yarn.

Please help!!

40 kennybolly { 07.25.13 at 2:29 pm }

Hi. I have a silver sk-326 knitting machine. I’ve been using it for 3 years but there are some accessories that came along with it that I can’t use. I’ve looked for it over the intetnet but I’ve not gotten its manual/instruction guide. Can you help?

41 Barbara Kindon { 08.13.14 at 12:38 am }


I purchased a Knitmaster 323 (used) and have only recently unpacked it. I have cleaned it and replaced a damaged disc on the Sinker Arm Assembly. Also replaced the sponge. The carriage with sinker attached is running smoothly over the needles but it won’t knit. I noticed that the instructions say that the Arm levers should be set in a certain position. I cannot find these levers on the Sinker. Is it possible that they have been removed ? if so can you advise me where I might purchase them here in the UK. Would really appreciates help in this matter. btw I have just found your site today and am really please with the help it gives. Regards Barb kindon















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