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The Nameless Knitting Pox – What Is The Opposite Of Startitis?

crop ankle rolled top hand knit sock in navy blue aarlan royal tweed wool yarn on pink polka dots

My emergency knitting plan isn’t going too well.

I was stuck last week, so I took out the easy pair of socks. Just a few rounds, I told myself, then they’re going right back into the orange sherbet case. Well, if 148 (times 2) are a few laps, then I guess I kept my promise.

Give me the remote control and I’m totally capable of channel surfing for hours on end, never committing to any particular show. I can give up on a novel after a week of night time reading, even if I’m almost finished. Dessert not to my liking? In the trash (or nearby child) it goes. No guilt, no frozen, weird behavior that prevents me from enjoying other programs, books, or pastries.

aarlan royal-tweed wool yarn paper label Not knitting. It’s start to finish or utter abandonment for me. Its symptoms are short and obvious. I “should” be knitting X but I’m stuck by problem Y. I can’t start a new X because I “should” be fixing Y. If I start a new X, I will only feel guilty and avoid knitting all together.

It’s the pox that has no name. What is the opposite of startitis?

So I’m stuck again. The socks that drove me crazy and forced me into the Emergency Knitting Case are still staring at me, toe-less, from the living room coffee table. The easy socks, which should still be half done and tucked away for future crisis knitting, are complete, and the remaining Emergency clogs are calling to me, assuring me that I can only knit a few rows and then walk away.

It would be so much easier if I could bring myself to start endless projects that I have no internal need to finish.

Rather than chocolate, can you give up linear knitting for Lent?

aarlan royal-tweed wool leftover scrap yarn in navy blue


3.00 mm needles
Generic socks with rolled rib 2 x 2 cuff
Vintage Aarlan royal-tweed wool yarn from stash (light worsted)
Provisional Cast on 48 stitches. I use a crochet chain to anchor first row
Knit ribbing for 2″
Turn top down, and knit together one stitch from top to one stitch from bottom of cuff to seal rolled top.
Knit for 1″. This completes cuff
Slip half of total stitches to holders
Knit standard slip stitch heel flap on other half. I like my heel flap 2 1/4 inches
Turn heel turn. I used a standard French/Round heel turn
Stockinette to toe
Standard toe decreases
Weave in remaining stitches

inside out rolled rib hand knit sock ankle top in navy blue aarlan royal tweed wool yarn on pink polka dots

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