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Knitting Machines – The New Stash

Even by Pacific Northwest standards, November has been soggy. In the last week, my yard has been drenched with over ten inches of pouring rain.

Most people think it rains all the time in Seattle. Our weather is actually much more complicated. It mainly drizzles, a lot, from October through May, with bouts of solid rain, overcast, and sunshine thrown in the mix. It can hail in the morning, drizzle, and then be sunny all in the same day.

passap e6000 knitting machine front lock From June to September it rarely rains. It is a constant battle to keep the grass alive. This summer was so bad my lawn died in ugly patches, never again to emerge from dormancy.

All that rain-free summer weather makes for great garage saling. Between April and late fall, I can usually find two knitting machines. Some I keep and some I part out. I find new homes for the rest.

passap duomatic duo 80 knitting machine This garage sale season was awesome. Between Bill and I, we found:

Passap E6000
Passap Duomatic 80
Passap Duomatic (Pinkie)
Knitking 840 punchcard with lace carriage
Studio 326
Brother KX-350
Brother 230 ribber
Studio Electronic Mid Gauge 860

passap duomatic dm5 pinkie knitting machine locks This is on top of the Brother 260 with ribber, Brother 965 with ribber, Brother 950i with ribber, and Singer 155 already living in the house.

No one needs this many machines. Even with our large basement, I don’t have enough room. Collecting them has become an addiction. I have no excuse other than I wanted a machine ever since I first saw one in the early 1980’s. Back then I had no room and no money. I’m making up for lost time.


Brother knitking kh 840 standard gauge knitting machine carriageMachine knitting is different than hand knitting. I like them both for different reasons.

Machine knitting produces garments. I lose interest on anything larger than a sock if I hand knit because it take me sooooo long to finish. The downside is the learning curve and the frustration with dropped stitches or jammed carriages. I can also knit with much smaller yarns at a gauge where my sanity would be questioned if I tried it by hand.

Studio 326 standard gauge knitting machine carriageHand knitting is great for filling small bits of time away from the house or in front of the TV. It is relaxing, until I’ve spent hours on a simple patterned sock only to discover after I’ve rounded the heel that it is too tight, has always been too tight, and no amount of stretching or swearing will change that fact.

I’m practical. I like to try new things but I want to know the downside and how I can get out of a situation if I don’t like it.

Brother kx 350 mid gauge home knitter knitting machine carriageAcross the country, knitting machines languish under beds, in basements, and in garages.

The good news is it takes a lot of abuse to make one inoperable.

If you are at all curious about trying one out on the cheap, garage sales and estate sales can be your friend. Knitting machines are fine pieces of machinery and deserve to be used.

Studio 860 mid gauge knitting machine carriage As long as the machine has punchcard or electronic patterning capability and costs less than $50 to $75, it is a gamble worth taking.

If you find you don’t like it, or it’s missing more parts than you care to replace, you can post a free ad at:

Knitting Forsale YahooGroup

Brother bulky chunky kh 230 knitting machine ribber carriage Even sold as-is for parts, someone is likely to take the machine off your hands, and probably for as much as you paid. The needles alone are worth at least $.25 apiece if they are in good working order. A standard gauge machine has 200 of them.

OK, so you’ve found a machine but it is missing parts or a manual or it needs a new sponge bar. Try Needle-Tek. It’s a great source for new parts, even for machines that are no longer made.

I have found a few sites with Brother manuals you can download. They are listed on my Links page. You can click the link at the top of this page. If anyone knows of a source for Passap or Studio/Singer/Silver Reed/Knitmaster manuals to download, I’d love to add it to my list.

Even if you don’t have a machine but are still thinking about it. I recommend you download the free manuals and print out the page showing pictures of the itemized parts. Leave it in your car so if you should come across a machine, you’ll have a reference to judge if enough of the parts are present for the asking price. The major pieces are fairly similar between the various brands.

Try to search out a local machine knitting group. Mine is indispensable at helping me get over hurdles. If a local group is unavailable, head online. My favorites are:


Knitting machines are intimidating at first and there is a definite learning curve. On Thursday, I’ll give you more ideas on how to find a machine and have some confidence with your purchase. The sea of various parts will no longer seem so overwhelming.

After Thanksgiving, we’ll set up a knitting machine. I’ll bring lots of pictures so you won’t get lost.

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November 13, 2006


1 Irene M Phillips { 09.07.08 at 10:22 am }

I have a Singer Light knitter LK 100 from Japan. Got it at a garage sale. I have no manual and have no Idea if I have all the Parts. can you help me? I hand knit, I’ve never knitted on a machine.

2 darbear { 09.29.08 at 12:24 pm }

Irene…I too got mine at garage sale…paid 2$ love it….I have the manual if u need a copy..I found more info on the web than the manual ever gave
There are lots of videos out there that help…if you still need help just email me and I will try to help.

3 Siew Chin { 03.10.09 at 5:45 pm }

Hi, I am interested in machine knitting. I tried to find one in garage sales but was not successful. Maybe I am in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am in Parker, Colorado. Can you recommend some shops that sell old used knitting machines? Any information will be very helpful. Thanks!

4 Vikas Jindal { 03.31.09 at 12:37 am }

I want to buy Brother Knitting Machines in India. Can You suggest regarding that. Any dealer in india.

5 virola { 04.28.09 at 11:28 am }

Awesome Irene,
You have same machine like mine. Singer 326 . I like you tried a lot of things
but less success. I guess i have to start with manual ! I need manual for this
machine. works fine but i cannot get tension right, and pattern is not what i wanted to be ! damn !
Anyhow do you where i can get manual for Singer 326 ?

thanks a lot

6 Julieth { 07.01.09 at 2:35 am }

I need to know the price of knitting mashines,like three differernt types.

Im in needy of buying one.Any body to help me?

7 virginia { 07.02.09 at 3:48 pm }

i need to find a Brother 810 ribber . i have a Brother 820 knitting machine and whould like to find a ribber. hope some one can help, Thank you

8 Shirl { 07.06.09 at 3:05 pm }

I have 3 brother machines and a studio. All have main and ribber beds. Recently we did some construction in the house and now I can’t find the carriage for the 850/860 main bed. Anyone know where I can buy one?

If you are in the midwest and need lessons you should try knicknack shop in Peru, Indiana. I went to a seminar there in Apri for knitting machines and it was fabulous!

You can also get tips on “” One of the answer ladies was at the seminar giving tips on cleaning and maintaining the machines. Very helpful!

9 miss wilson { 07.17.09 at 2:46 pm }

i have a used passap duomatic 80 kniting machine for sale, please make an offer

10 Kathy { 08.17.09 at 8:23 pm }

Hello all,
I have a Brother Home Knitter. KX-350. I have to admit I very seldom use it, but when I do I enjoy it. Every now and then I want to make something for some one that is really personal.

I recently moved and now want to make a knitted skirt and sweater and found that some of the pieces have been lost. I am missing the piece that holds the yarn tentioner and weights. And a couple of other small pieces. Does anyone know where I can get parts for the knitter.

I appreciate some info.

11 Wassachon Reakwandee { 09.08.09 at 12:16 am }

I want to buy Brother or Singer Knitting Machines in Japan. Can You suggest regarding that. Any dealer in Japan

12 Jocelyne { 01.04.10 at 5:04 am }

J’ai acheté dans une vente de garage une machine à tricotter Singer mod 326 Mo.G 358345 et je recherche un manuel d’utilisation , je n’ai jamais tricotter avec une machine . Votre aide serait apprécié , Merci

13 Darlene { 01.22.10 at 9:52 am }

Looking for used double bed knit machine, non electric. Have a 40 year old Brothers. Would like a med or lrg. gage. Know of any? I’m in far Northern CA.

14 lawrence sloman { 03.04.10 at 9:24 am }

looking for parts ,,,,,harrison flat bed knitting machine 10g.

15 trudy { 03.15.10 at 8:37 am }

looking for knitting machines in nsw australia

16 sherrie { 03.15.10 at 8:28 pm }

can’t find the carriage to my ribber or the connecting plate. the knitting machine is a compuknit IV by knitking, does anyone know where i can find one or what model I should be looking for. s.

17 tracy { 06.07.10 at 5:26 am }

i am looking for a knitting machine to knit teddy bears, the wool i am using is fluere (a fluffy wool)

18 Ardis Valen { 10.18.10 at 8:01 am }

I have a Silver Model SK-303 and lost the ribber in a recent move. Can anyone help me?

19 Mary { 11.21.10 at 4:42 pm }

I was given a Toyota Elena Auto 7 knitting machine that is missing some parts. Does anyone know of a place in NYS that repairs them?

20 Dakota { 12.13.10 at 8:46 am }

I am looking for a used mid guage knitting machine that is affordable. I would love an SK860 if possible.

21 Anna { 12.30.10 at 2:29 pm }

I want to buy the best knitting machine. Please send me more information. Thanks.

22 linda johns { 01.03.11 at 7:48 am }

I’m looking for a knitting machine capable of knitting arm/wrist warmers…..

23 joan kissell { 01.08.11 at 8:30 pm }

I recently bought a Brother KR-551 [ got the manual from your site ] “Thank you” I need to find a”connecting arm assembly ” so I can use it with my Brother KH-531 . There were a couple sinker plates included when I purchased the ribber but neither one fits with that carriage, there are no markings on any of the attachments so how can you tell what “Machines ” they could match up with??????? I noticed Sherri earlier was looking for a ” connecting plate ” so maybe that is the correct name of what I`m looking for. j

24 Rhonda Herbert { 04.10.11 at 8:22 pm }

trudy { 03.15.10 at 8:37 am } looking for knitting machines in nsw australia.

Tracy I have been all over eBay and Oztion and many machines are being sold there. Due to distance many are listed as ‘local only pickup” however some sellers will ship and you pay for all shipping and handling and insurance is highly recommended buy the seller. Many are complete, some have books and patterns and some have extra carriages for different types of knitting. Sometimes machines are sold at local charity stores and prices are good but sorting rooms sometimes misplace or do not recognise parts for machines and machines are often from estates. I recommend a full learning mode at this site so you can spot the best bargain when you see it!
I have been hand knitting since 1965 and machine knitting since 1979. I love both and am complimented on my hand lace work and machine knitted circular shawls with lace borders. Best of luck to you.

25 Denise { 05.23.11 at 3:33 pm }


My Mom recently passed away and I have Brother KA8310 Linker, KA8300 Transfer carriage, 240 parts, Bulky rib bed 12, 260 kntters, Kh 260, KR 260, 891 Ribber. I do not know what anything is worth as far as going on Ebay -I am totally confused. Is there anyone in New Jersey that can help me sort things out for sale?


26 Margaret E Warren { 09.19.11 at 11:43 pm }

Someone directed me to this site to check for the manual to a Studio HK100 machine I am trying to sell. I have downloaded it. Thanks so much!!!!!! “Margaret”

27 Hal { 11.01.11 at 2:16 pm }

I just inherited a Studio SR155 knitting machine. Does anyone know what these are worth and how to sell it?

28 maureene campbell { 12.17.11 at 8:03 pm }

I am interested in a used knitting machine to make hats, bags and baby blankets and scalf, would like to have an idea of the cost

29 SUE KLESSENS { 01.17.12 at 8:57 am }

Have dug my Duo 80 out of 20+ years storage and now attempting to remember how to use it. Have the time to sit and try making items for gifts. Was fortunate to locate books and things on ebay. An obsession!
Recently located an article on deep cleaning which was super help. Had stored mine without servicing-WRONG!
This is another super site to use-THANK YOU!

30 emily aufdermaur { 01.17.12 at 9:35 am }

I aquired a Passap Duo 80… needs to be serviced. Do you have any references for Central California?
want to get it working!

31 patricia webster { 02.03.12 at 12:45 am }

i am trying to buy a knitting machine, to use to knit for charities as i have the timeand lots of odd wool, but being disabled i cannot get out to shop around. can anyone help me please im in norwich nfk

32 diane alstad { 02.18.12 at 10:14 pm }

I am looking for a knitting machine with a ribber. I would also like it to be computer friendly. I have never machine knitted so would like a machine that is easy to use . If anyone has a machine for sale or know someone who has one ( cheap ) please let me know.

Thank you


33 Julia { 03.22.12 at 3:50 pm }

A Jocelyn-
Tu es ou? – France où Canada? – tu peux lire la langue Anglais où non?


34 Elizabeth { 04.01.12 at 6:44 am }

@Denise – Re: New Jersey

Don’t know if you have been able to get assistance with your inherited machine yet, but if not, you might want to speak with the owner’s of The Knitting Gallery in Colts Neck. Bob and Sonia Burda are wonderful people and may be able to help you.

35 Miss Rebecca { 04.22.12 at 6:10 am }

I have a Brothers KH551. This in orginal Box and case. Complete. I have to open it to get a picture and the list of the extras inside. I do know it is in PERFECT condition.
How do I find the Value and a Buyer/

36 Maria Soledad { 07.12.12 at 1:50 pm }

I was wondering if you sell the firs and the tirth one and the prices of each one.


Maria Soledad

37 irene { 09.29.12 at 11:59 am }

Hi passap knitters, I have a problem with the front lock of my passap E6000 and like to ask for help. The front lock suddenly got locked in the ‘LX’ position and I cannot move the lever from the ‘X’ to the ‘N’ position anymore. I took the lock off the bed inspected it and gently tried to move the lever but with no luck. Nothing had happened to the front lock and it does not look anything is broken. It is also well oiled and cleaned. Thanks for your suggestions. Irene

38 Bonnie { 10.28.12 at 11:17 am }

I am in need of a Ribber for a Singer 155. Does anyone have one to sell. I live in Oakville, Ontario

39 Jacqueline { 11.21.12 at 9:38 pm }

My DH says that electronic knitting machines are no longer made. Is this true, and if so how long has it been since they have made them ? Honestly, I would love an answer to this question, as DH always has to be RIGHT……Well, is he ? LOL!

40 Lorna Corso { 11.26.12 at 1:56 pm }

I have a Brother Home Knitter – Model KX850 that I would like to sell. It was part of a large number of knitting machines and accessories that were left to me by my English Aunt. I am a weaver and I tried my hand at the knitting machines but found I prefer weaving. I sold the other items to someone local who wanted to upgrade her equipment – my Aunt would have loved her. I know I sound sentimental – loved my Aunt and want to find good homes for her equipment. I have no idea how to price it – it is in excellent condition – still in the original box/packaging. I would like to find a good home for it – someone who loves knitting as much as my Aunt did. Does anyone have suggestions for pricing?

Many thanks!


41 Laura M { 12.30.12 at 4:25 am }

I bought a set of Brother KH551 and KR551, but the ribber is missing the “arm assembly” or “connecting arm”. I’ve been looking for only that part for quite a while now with no success.
I also noticed a comment from last year from Joan Kissell, also looking for the same part. I am wondering if you were able to find it some where.
If anybody has the arm assembly part for sale or knows someone that has it, please let me know.Thanks

42 Rhonda Herbert { 01.23.13 at 6:34 pm }

I am relying on the eBay as a point of contact for sellers of knitting parts for many models of machines, some of which are 1960s. I find reasonable prices and postage there and many parts are available in China. Hand manipulating tools are also sold by these sellers.
A new card is also available from Australia Post which can be used as a “credit card” for those of us not wanting to risk our bank account. Just buy the card and credit it at your local post office.

43 Ann { 01.24.13 at 6:53 am }

I am looking for a carriage for a Singer HK100 Knitting Machine. Any thoughts on where I can find one?
Thank you.

44 Becky { 06.02.13 at 7:17 pm }

I have a number of machines and attachments recently
inherited. I don’t know how much they are worth, would
like to speak with someone who knows what they are worth.
I live north of Seattle, my mother-in-law was Iris Meister als0
known as the Knitmeister. She told me they are very expensive. Unfortuneately the only one she spoke to me about selling to was Gail who past away a couple of years ago.
If you could help or are interested please let me know.

Thank you,

45 Winnifred Gaudet { 02.19.14 at 11:57 pm }

I have a Singer Knitter 360 with ribber attachement, a linker, transfer tools mANYpunch cards to knit in ‘,,tuck slip, fairsle Isle, and many patters of punchcards./ I allso have alot of acrylic wool; I would say maybe 20 different colors,. I woulke to know a resonable price for sellig, The knitter and ribb er are 3o years old but still works very well. I would like an estimate of what it would approximatly be worth,.Thanks

46 Sandy Beegle { 07.20.14 at 1:56 pm }

Hi Becky…I had owned 3machines years ago, a KnitKing, Studio ..both 200 needle and a computerized one also 200 needle. I got into quilting several years ago and thought I wouldn’t use them again but I want back into machine knitting. If you still have them I would be interest in finding out what you have and maybe I can help you find pricing as well.

47 sally faal { 09.11.14 at 3:08 pm }

Greetings, I hope you and your family are doing well.I am trying to get cheap kh350, home knitter to help some women to get to be self-sufficient. I don’t have much money but would like to try to buy used ones in good condition and with any accessories that come with the machines. Also, kx400 will do. I don’t want bulky as they can’t use heavy blankets and sweaters. Kindly respond to my enquiry. I am also in need of a cone winder and where to buy wax etc. Any assistance you can give me would be highly appreciated. Thanks and God bless you.


48 sf { 09.11.14 at 3:56 pm }

i need knitting machines that are in good condition and at the same time, cheap. i am trying to help some ladies to get money for themselves and to be self-sufficient. please contact me asap if you can search for me and give me prices, models etc. thanks and God bless you all.















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