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Who Needs Satin and Lace When Superwash Merino Will Do

wedding-dress-yarn-skeinsIt’s December, the engagement month.

Tell your wool newbie fiance:

“Honey, you know how the recession has you nervous.

Especially all those pink slips at work.

And you spied my stash in the back closet?

Don’t worry.

It’s an investment!

And very frugal.

Think of how much we will save by not buying a wedding dress.

Or a Bride’s Maid dress.

And if by some horrible accident, any of it should stain.

You can always make it better by closing your eyes when I buy replacement skeins.”



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December 7, 2009


1 Emily { 12.27.09 at 12:59 pm }

I went to Knitsingx, which I think I occasionally receive, and looked at a very strange dress that mainly consisted of levels of unknit yarn. Never again will I be upset at my own knitting ability or lack thereof – that dress was just too wild for me. Very creative, but too wild. Thanks for the photo.

2 Mylyne { 10.19.10 at 10:55 am }

It does give a new twist to the phrase “Ready to Wear.” 🙂

3 vikki { 08.03.11 at 7:23 pm }

wow, know anyway to get that pattern for the wedding dress?

4 jan { 12.08.11 at 11:03 pm }

HI, I am looking on line for premmie baby beanies.
Would like to get hold of the free on line patterns for a singer 326 knitting machine and ribber, from premmie baby to 10yr old beanies.
I am a beginner, but am having fun.
Regards to all.















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