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Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat 2007 Too

man waiting for wife at Madrona Fiber Arts knitting seminar

Was is really such a mystery?

He’s seen me when I leave for knitting events. He’s seen me when I get home.

I come back better.

Friday night, Bill drove me to the Fiona Ellis presentation on Knit Inspiration at the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat. Being it’s at the Tacoma Sheraton downtown and I never know how far away I’ll need to walk in the dark with a camera hanging around my neck, it’s nice to have a chauffeur and bodyguard in one husbandly unit. He brought his computer and we called it a date.

When the presentation was over and I had taken enough photographs, I headed back downstairs to the lobby.

"How was the talk?" he asks.

"Great," I reply, "How was it for you?"

He paused, glancing behind his chair to a lower level where a group of knitters were having a casual party, and then turning to look over by the piano at a larger group having a good time in the far corner.

"Knitters sure are loud, especially when they laugh… and they laugh a lot."

Now he understands how I stay sane.


Madrona Fiber Arts knitting seminar 2007 Fiona Ellis sweaters inspired cable knits book cover

This is the original sweater that appears on the cover of Inspired Cable Knits by Fiona Ellis. I got to admire it after Fiona’s presentation on Knit Inspiration.

Seeing it in person, along with knitwear by the other instructors, is much more inspiring than looking at pictures in books. I always want to examine the texture and colors up close. For me, the closeness transforms a beautiful sweater into a piece of art.

Fiona’s presentation focused on looking at your surroundings from a knitter’s point of view. When you see an old tree with lots of twisted exposed roots, how would that translate into meandering cables? If you walk on the beach and notice ripples in the sand left by the retreating tide, how could that be transformed into a feather and fan lace shawl? These examples highlight texture in nature, but the same process can be applied to visualizing color.

It was a great lecture.

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