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Alma Mater Socks

Most of my sock knitting is for my husband. He likes them thick, a tightly knit gauge, and undeniably manly. This means worsted weight wool on 3.25mm (US 3) needles. A few years ago, the only way I could convince him to wear two tones was if the second color was hidden in his shoe, […]

November 16, 2010   2 Comments

Reynolds Cantata Cotton Socks with Mock Cable Right Twist Pattern

Close up photo of a cotton sock knit with Reynolds Cantata yarn and a mock rib cable twist pattern. Graph of cable pattern included in description.

January 17, 2008   No Comments

Fashion Feet First – Jaywalker Socks Finished!

After many frustrating months of too tight socks, my Jaywalkers are finally finished. I had to pattern all around the foot to keep the Koigu KPPPM from pooling.

March 5, 2007   1 Comment

Arrgh! Die Jaywalker Socks Die

Knitting Jaywalker socks has been very frustrating. Too tight, too loose, wrong needles, pooling colors, etc. At least the ripple pattern looks wonderful.

January 15, 2007   No Comments

Jaywalker Socks Still Hate Me

Pooling colors, puckered decreases, and too tight fit are my life with Jaywalker socks and Koigu yarn.

November 30, 2006   No Comments

Jaywalker Socks Hate Me

When it becomes painfully obvious that a sock won’t fit, do you keep knitting in denial or rip it out?

November 27, 2006   No Comments

Socks of Yesteryear

Four different pairs of socks I knit before starting this blog. Lace, Making Waves cable, simple stockinette, and picot tops.

November 6, 2006   No Comments

100+ Free Knitting Machine Videos

Here are over 100 free knitting machine video links from around the web. Below you will find movies on set up, cast on’s, cast off’s, garter carriage, lace knitting, miscellaneous techniques and equipment and much more. This list is just the beginning. If you know of a great knitting machine video you’d like to add, […]

November 22, 2009   47 Comments

Machine Knit Hand Knit Sock With Gusset Heel

I’ve read your comments, really I have. I’ve debated for a long time whether to sell the pattern, given how much effort it will take to set up and process the step by step photos. The written portion has been done for quite awhile. I’ve even demonstrated the heel flap and turn at my local […]

July 29, 2009   9 Comments

How To Sew An Invisible Vertical Flat Seam For Hand Or Machine Knits

As demonstrated in my Fairy Easy Passap Tuck Hat pattern, sometimes you need a flat, reversible join. This is particularly true for hats and socks. When it’s time to seam, most patterns will tell you to mattress stitch which involves catching the horizontal threads on each side. That works well for sweaters where a sturdy […]

February 17, 2009   13 Comments

Top 100 Knitting Blogs With Public Traffic Stats

Hello. My name is Kathryn, and I’m still a blog stat junkie. We’ve looked at Top Linked sites and Up and Comers. Now it’s time to zero in on traffic, my favorite measure of blog health. You can have all the links in the world, but if no one actually visits, what’s the point?

February 6, 2009   27 Comments

Top 250 Up And Coming Linked Knitting Blogs

Check out the top 250 up and coming knitting blogs with the most links as measured by Technorati

February 1, 2009   13 Comments

Whatever Happened To The Knitting Blog Class Of 2005?

Of the 1700 knitting blog feeds tracked by Bloglines in 2005, how many of those bloggers are still writing and knitting today.

January 27, 2009   49 Comments

Knitting Machine Manuals – Brother, Passap, Studio, Knitmaster, Singer, Silver Reed

Find a link to a free knitting machine manual and patterns

January 12, 2009   317 Comments

Free Knitting Patterns – Hand

Here are my hand knit patterns. As new designs are added, the old ones will scroll to the bottom of the page. You are free to use them for non-commercial purposes.   Mock Cable Cantata Cotton Socks A mock rib cable twist pattern gives some stretch to this pair of Reynolds Cantata socks. Pattern assumes […]

August 3, 2008   No Comments

Never Underestimate The Felting Capacity Of A Boy Scout

Remember the socks from my very first blog post? Here is what they look like after a Boy Scout winter snow cave outing.

March 20, 2008   No Comments

Stitches East Stash Enhancement And Kumihimo Links

Pictures of sock yarn from Stitches East 2007 and links to Japanese Kumihimo sites to get started making braids and cords to decorate your knitting.

November 8, 2007   No Comments

You Know You Are A Sock Knitter When…

…you’re laid out in the endodontist’s chair, head lower than your legs, shot up from three different syringes of novacaine, and you can still turn a heel.

May 7, 2007   2 Comments

Passap Sock Toe Woe Solution For Too Many Dropped Stitches

Passap dropped stitches can sometimes be prevented by using an additional set of edge springs. Use extra springs to insure interior decreases knit off cleanly.

May 3, 2007   8 Comments

My Canadian Wee Tiny Sock Swap

My Wee Tiny Sock Swap came all the way from Canada, along with a beautiful card, and hand made stitch markers.

March 26, 2007   No Comments

Seattle Knitters Guild Fiber Frenzy Sale

Each spring, the Seattle Knitters Guild holds its spring cleaning Fiber Frenzy Sale. Members sell unwanted stash, tools, and books. Buying open to the public.

March 22, 2007   No Comments

The Nameless Knitting Pox – What Is The Opposite Of Startitis?

Many knitters suffer from startitis, the knitting disease of starting but not finishing projects. I complete a project and then freeze up for weeks, unable to decide what is most worthy to start next.

February 19, 2007   No Comments

In Case of Emergency – Linear Knitter vs Random Knitter

What type of knitter are you? Random Knitter can flit from project to project with no stress. Linear Knitter needs to start, finish, and then start again. A different view than the usual product vs process knitting debate.

February 5, 2007   No Comments

Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat 2007

Annual knitting seminar held in February in Washington State. Numerous national teachers with many classes. This year orange overtones ruled the yarn market.

January 25, 2007   No Comments

I New Year Knit Resolve

Knitting socks is only half the fun. You have to wear your works of art as well.

January 1, 2007   No Comments

Photo Of Machine Knit Hand Knit Sock With Gusset Heel

My husband loves his wool socks with a gusseted heel. It is possible to use a knitting machine to make a literal translation of a hand knit sock with heel flap and turn. Whenever he makes me laugh, I knit them for him.

December 18, 2006   22 Comments

How Slightly Changing Needle Size Can Greatly Alter The Look Of Hand Painted Yarn

Even the smallest changes in mm size of knitting needles can profoundly change the appearance of hand painted yarns.

December 8, 2006   No Comments

A Sock Knitter Magic Loop Plea

If Addi Turbo can make 40″ circular needles in 2 mm, 2.5 mm, and 3 mm sizes, when can’t it make 2.25 mm and 2.75 mm?

October 19, 2006   2 Comments

A Machine Knitting Blog – In Prose

A machine knitting, hand knitting, passap blog is born

September 29, 2006   Comments Off on A Machine Knitting Blog – In Prose















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